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Betting on women tennis

If you are going to bet on women matches there are some special things you should know. Comparing to matches of men there are sone characteristics that are different in women tennis. One very important difference is the advantage of the service. In women tennis is the advantage of the service not so big as in the men tennis. In women tennis you should not become confused if a player is one break behind. This disadvantage can be turned very easy. This true because the speed of the service is not so high as in the men and it can be turned back very easy. So it is not recommended to focus much on the service.

The physical condition is also different in the women tennis. The men can keep a good physical condition till the end of the game. But in women tennis we can expect more turnovers cause of the condition. Sometimes it will happen that a women player is in front in the sets but finally she lose cause of the bad condition. So it is sometimes worth to bet on the turn of the match. The posibility is higher as we think sometimes.

Another difference is that in women tennis always two winning sets are played. And this doesn't change even in the grand slam tournaments. So we can see in women tennis more surprises as in men tennis. It is worth sometimes to bet on the underdog for high winnings. You can do this especially if a player is in a bad form.

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